A.C.E (Always Catching Envy) to perform at Francofesty 2017

Catch A.C.E on stage on 4th of November 2017 at Castle of Good Hope and many other venues around the city.
A.C.E (Always Catching Envy) is a rap artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Since his professional debut in
2013, A.C.E has set about proving himself in the local and national Hip-Hop scene.
Raised on boom-bap and adopted by trap music, A.C.E brings the two worlds together in his music.
Trap music is always looked down on for it’s lack of “real rap” emcees. It’s always criticized for the
eccentric style both image wise and musically by many, to the point where people can easily over look the
fact that it’s an art form of its own. Trap music carries its own message and it’s an evolution of expressing
ones self through Hip-Hop in it’s own way.
“I’m here to bridge the gap. – A.C.E
Following the release of his first E.P, Breaking Bank: Vol.1, A.C.E continued his musical journey with Cape
Town Hip-Hop group, The LNK. The group would go on to release a single E.P, The Alliance E.P, in
collaboration with Cape Town music producer, King Alph4. The E.P was well received by emcees and fans
alike and saw their lead single, For The Cape, play listed on Goodhope FM. The music video, directed and
produced by HoneyBae Amber and Film Martyr, has so far reached over 3000 views since its release in
January 2017 and continues to grow.
This year Has seen A.C.E make an early start to his budding career by the release of his single, Hustle Swag,
in February. Hustle Swag featured fellow LNK emcee, FiXion and has proven to be a crowd favorite at
performances. The official music video, boasting an elaborate cast and starring Goodhope FM’s Lord Veezus,
premiered shortly after the release of the single and can be viewed on A.C.E’s YouTube page.
Since Hustle Swag A.C.E has been collaborating with various artists in and around Cape Town, most
recently featuring on Caleb Stevens’ newest release, “Majitas” which featured NTK and Tabloyd. With Cape
Town’s continued support A.C.E has been dubbed one of TK’s MVP’s of the week on her weekend show on
Goodhope FM, The MVP Club. A.C.E was invited to the Saturday show to discuss all things past, present
and future and has been determined to live up to the title of MVP with every move he makes.
Today, working closely with local music record label RFYK, A.C.E is geared up for new releases and the
ever approaching release of his latest, self titled E.P, Catching Envy. The project is set to release in the near
future with the first single dropping in a matter of days. Catching Envy is trap inspired and sees A.C.E show
casing a new side of his craft over instrumentals provided by RFYK’s in house super producer, STS on the
To keep up with the release of new music, performances and more you can follow A.C.E across social media
platforms @CatchingEnvy and by subscribing to his YouTube channel.
#CatchingEnvy #ForTheCape
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A.C.E (Always Catching Envy) C’est un artiste HipHop Sud Africain, Cape Town, Il a fait ses debut profesionale depuis 2013. A.C.E s’est demarque de la scene locale et nationale depuis se debut grandit sur le style boom-bap aujourdhui il a aussi adopté le trap music. A.C.E apporte ces deux mode de musique ensemble.

Influencé par la culture du Cap et le Hip hop americain, il melange sa passion musicale dans ces deux cultures

A 24 ans A.C.E (Always Catching Envy)  promote toujours son amour de l’art musical et son influence sur ce dernier, avec sa versatile flow, A.C.E est capable de rapper sur n’importe quel instrument et tous les genres de Hip Hop beats, de l’alternative et Indie à EDM et au trap, ses influences artistiques  Le Queens Bridge rapper Nas, Ludacris, KiD CuDi, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Childish Gambino, Drake, Mos Def, Caskey an Vince Staples.

Always Catching Envy (ACE) performe regulierement dans la ville du Cap avec son groupe du rap  The LNK. ce groupe qui developpe sa reputation parmi la scene locale et vous pouvez les suivre sur ces liens:

Soundcloud Page:https://soundcloud.com/the-lnk

Vous pouvez vous connecter avec ACE (Always Catching Envy) :

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AlwaysCatchingEnvy)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/CatchingEnvy)

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/alwayscatchingenvy)

Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/always_catching_envy)

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