Cherise Van Wyk to perform at Francofesty 2017

Cherise Van Wyk started singing at the age of 12 years, and at the age of 16, she was introduced to singing in church. She then started singing in the church choir and started developing an ear for singing different voices. It was during this time, that she started writing music. Her love for singing grew, as she did many cover songs but her desire was to release her own sound and do her own written songs. In 2015, she embarked on a journey to do just that, and the process for working on her first debut album began.

Cherise has performed at various venues, including the Artscape and also New Direction Performing Arts Centre. She has sung backing vocals for Charlyn Davids at various venues including 2017 Jazzathon. She has sung her own songs on Expresso Breakfast Show on Sabc 3 and also performed at an event which is to be featured on TBN and Faith Network. Her music is currently playing on local radio stations and also on commercial radio station.

Cherise enjoys many genres, her prominent genre is a mixture of jazz , soul, gospel and blues. Cherise loves to spend quality time with her husband and sons. She considers herself to be an ambassador for realness. She has a passion for music and song and also gets very excited when she gets to play a part in inspiring others to do that, which makes them come alive in their own gifting and talents.

Catch Cherise also at Joseph Stone Auditorium December 16, 2017

She is inspired by many things, various genres and various artists. One would consider her to be somewhat of a talkative, free spirit, with a zest for life.

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