DJ real ROZZANO to perform at Francofesty 2016

Dj RoZZano

The legendary DJ realROZZANO has been DJ-ing since 1985, pioneering the hip hop and house sound at club level when DJ’s were too scared to experiment with this new electronic dance music coming out in the 80’s.

Dj Rozzano dancing with young people
Dj Rozzano dancing with young people

His DJ skills and hip hop activism gave him underground celebrity status around the world, using music/hip hop as a weapon to unite and free the youth during the apartied era.

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These days his sets explore Afro-Beat, R&B, salsa, hip hop, jazzfunk, ragga, kwaito & house, reading the crowd, maintaining the dancefloor while he effortlessly takes you on a journey through various genre’s of quality music

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“I play for the Woman” is what he states when asked what the secret to his dancefloor success is. With many years of experience, he has played all over South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, France, Dubai & The Cheq Republik.

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Funk Da Nation National Hip Hop Tour was the first ever street marketing campaign in South Afrika during 1995! DJ Rozzano X (CT) & DJ Blaze (JHB) toured SA together doing scratch mix demos at nite clubs and shopping malls!

Dj Rozzano

Client was BMG Records, we promoted Notorious BIG debut album: Ready to Die, Keith Murray’s debut album: Most beautiful Thing in this world, other albums include Craig Mack, Fushickens, E40, A Low down dirty Shame soundtrack! we toured all over Johannesburg, Durban & Cape Town on 2x Turntables 1x Mixer & a Mic!


DEE JAY,BOUNCER, · 1985 to 1988 · Cape Town, South Africa
My first ever club experience, also the first nite club in SA to play HIP HOP & House Music thanx to Guy Ho, resident DJ of the T-Zers was DJ Luwelyn “The Big L” Gabriel, in my opinion he should be noted as the first dj to pioneer house music. This was my first weekly dj set, it was no longer than 15x minutes of hip hop shared with DJ Aski (Alan Stephens) with Ready D on the Mic.

my set started at 3pm, before my set i would work at the door, selecting the crowd who could and who could’nt get in to the joint! was very exciting but very dangerous, as our local gangsters who did’nt get in would come looking for me on the train ride back to mitchells plain, thank goodness us bboys moved in a huge group, so nobody messed with us, unless it was a big ass gang!


Famous DJ realROZZANO Quote:

“if music be the food of life, why do dj’z keep dishing us the same damn meal”