Afro fiesta to perform at Francofesty 2016


Mermans Mosengo has travelled throughout Africa and more recently throughout the Unites States with the internationally acclaimed “Playing for Change” group where he was a featured artist playing alongside the great Ziggy Marley.

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His music is authentic with a strong reggae influence and is a firm favourite with trendy crowds. Mermans will perform at our Music Festival in July in Cape Town and after that he will travel to Jamaica and the United States for live music recordings. Mermans Mosengo, together with his band Afro Fiesta, is a rising star and a renowned musician.

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Jason has been playing guitar since age seven, when he made his own instrument out of wood and four strings. Teaching himself guitar for a decade, he began to study classical guitar at age 20, finally earning a degree in classical guitar. After playing at churches, local venues and in Papa Wemba’s traditional group Percussion Molokai, Jason decided to travel to South Africa and expose himself to more opportunities. It was there that he became a guitarist for the group Afro Fiesta.

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Afro Fiesta



Mermans Mosengo  a déjà parcouru toute l’Afrique et récemment les Etats Unis d’Amerique avec le group musical international “Playing for change”. Mermans a eu a travaillé avec des grands noms de la musique tel que le grand Ziggy Marley et beaucoups d’autres atravers son faya

Sa musique est authentique avec une grande influence reggae et attire l’attention de son public. Mermans Mosengo sera avec nous durant notre Festival en Juillet 2016 a Cape Town ensuite il ira en Jamaique et aux Etats unis pour l’enregistrement musical. Mermans et le Group Afro Fiesta c’est une star montante et ils font une musique de renommer.

Membre d’Afro Fiesta: Mermans Kenkosenki (Vocals, drums) Jason Tamba (Vocals, guitar) Jose Ikotela (bass) Christian Bakalanga (Lead Guitar) Nelson (key board)Mombele 4