Ryan Wohlberg to perform at Francofesty 2017

Catch Ryan Wohlberg on stage on 4th of November 2017 at Castle of Good Hope and many other venues around the city.

Ryan Wohlberg  was born and raised in Johannesburg South Africa.  grew up with his two older sisters, mom and dad. He loved skateboarding while he was growing up and wanted to be a professional skateboarder more than anything and he still love it very much.

As a youngster he idolized Bryan Adams and was and still is a huge influence on his music and in his goals in life. When Ryan was like 6 years old he would sing down these old drain pipes at their house which in his mind was a perfect microphone.

As he grew older, he started playing with his dad’s guitar more frequently and soon inherited it from him. His Dad purchased sound equipment and they set it up in one of their small room and there he could practice his music by singing with proper microphones and amplifiers.

He went from a very narrow minded Christian school to a very diverse home school group, where he heard more styles of music with which most he enjoyed. He fell in love with Robert ‘Bob’ Nesta Marley and he couldn’t help but see how music can affect people on deeper levels. He still a huge fan of reggae and try the best to incorporate it into his music and song. 

He moved to Cape Town as a way to break free from Jhb but also because of the music scene in Cape Town that is very big and would suit my music style. He listen to a lot of The Lumineers and many other bands and artists who have helped him develop and mould his music style. This includes: Grouplove, Band of horses and many other artists who really inspired him.

We are looking forward to the up and coming shows and we cannot wait to see him on stage to share his form of art to the people in and around the Western Cape.

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Ryan Wohlberg est né et grandi à Johannesburg en Afrique du Sud. Grandi avec ses deux grandes Soeurs, sa mere et son Pere. Il aimait bien Skateboarding quand il grandisait au point qu’il souhaitait devenir un professionel dans ce domaine. Il aime toujours faire de la planche à  roulettes.

Etant jeune, Ryan avait comme idol Bryan Adams et il est toujours son grand fanatique, Bryan Adams a une grande influence sur la vie musicale de Ryan Wohlberg. Quand Ryan avait 6 ans il utilisait un tuyau pour chanter et imiter Bryan Adams parce que dans sa tete ce tuyau etait un bon microphone.

Comme il grandi, il a commence à jouer frequement avec la Guitar de son père ensuite son Père va acheter les instruments d’enregistrement qu’ils vont placer dans une petite chambre a la maison et là Ryan va alors commence à jouer correctement la musique sur le vrai microphone avec un son bien amplifie.

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