SK Baleni to perform at Francofesty 2016

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Sakhile Baleni aka SK Baleni is a Hip Hop artist/ producer. Born and raised in Zwelethemba in a small town namely Worcester. He discovered his passion for music at a very tender age of 7, taking from his father who happened to be a choir conductor at that time, so it came as no surprise that he would follow in his footsteps for he was exposed to music almost his all life.

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Unfortunately he lost his both parents in a car accident at the age of 12 when he was doing grade 7. The tragedy changed his life around completely. He then went to live with his older brother who then was forced to be the figure. His brother at the time was a member of one of the “illest” hip hop crews in Worcester so it was inevitable that it would slowly rub off to the young  SK. His brother noticed that SK was developing an interest in the art and then decided to teach SK everything he knew and so it all began for him, he started expressing his own pain in his own words using pen and paper for that was his way of dealing with his parent’s passing. After sometime he then was spotted by some friends at his High school Worcester Gymnasium who also happened to have an interest in this genre of Hip Hop, they then decided to start a group and also going as far as releasing mixtapes for people to listen. During this he also discovered that his producing his skills were increasingly becoming impressive for he was later then spotted by Fricatainment’s very own Lerato Theoha ( who who happens to be one of the founders of the Fricatainment artist management company, he obviously saw a huge potential in SK and so he wanted to work with him and become his personal manager and so the two started their journey together as they shared the same passion, vision and dreams so it was obvious that they would soon take each other to another level of pushing music.

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After only a short time that they have been pushing music, the determined Lerato Theoha soon met up with the internationally recognised super producer Gabi Le Roux who is responsible for many many hits in South Africa, producing for the like of the Late Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Mandoza, Danny K, the Late Lebo Mathosa and also the late Busie Mhlongo just to name a few. Gabi Le Roux was then introduced to SK via his manager Lerato Theoha of Fricatainment. Gabi Le Roux is one of those producers who can easily spot a talented young person, from just talking to him he then decided to offer him a bursary to one his master classes that he offered so it was obvious that he was going places because now things started happening, his producing skills greatly improved. After Gabi Le Roux also recognising that SK could also rap, he then offered him a recording deal. Together they made beautiful music which was recognised by people in cape town with hits like “Masihlanganeni” and “Lights” featuring the also talented Jonathan Simons that also happened to be signed at the same label.

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Great things seemed to be destined for the young talented SK for he got a great opportunity of touring the whole of South Africa (9 Cities) for a whole month with one of the major petroleum companies in the country, Engen. In this tour he would perform for a great number of audiences, as many as +-2000 people, which he entertained and got great feedback from the clients (Engen).

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SK – Siphamandla-Mpomi Chabedi and Lerato Leenzo Theoha his manager

In going forward, plans for SK Baleni’s music with his company Fricatainment are going as big as releasing an EP and hopefully the debut Album. For now though the plans are focused on promoting the new material that he SK produced himself with the help of close friends of musicians. The EP is set to be released 2016 and starting the debut album campaign.